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Songs by WildeP'lay

Wilde & Palalay perform and record together as WildeP’lay.  They combine their collective experience composing and performing to offer "Music to Move You." The Peoria Times calls it: “Music that will capture your heart and touch your soul.” 

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Fabric of Love Album

In 2019 WildeP'lay released their first album project called Fabric of Love. The title song contains lyrics about sewing love into life. Another notable song on the album, called “Unify, Find a Way”, was written after the divisive 2016 USA election cycle. 


Perfect Here (Single)

Shortly after their debut album was released, WildeP’lay produced the single “Perfect Here” which is about the fact that earth is a perfect home for us and we need to be sure to care for it. The song continues to receive internet radio airplay, and was first performed live for the Star Worldwide Network radio show In The Green Room—a fitting debut since the tagline of the show is “Saving The Planet One Show At A Time”. 


Mama Earth (Single)

Tides are rollin' in and out. Each day goes on without a doubt. Just look around and take it in. She's always there, a gentle spin...


It Matters (Single)

In 2020 WildeP’lay released “It Matters,” a collaboration with singer Cornelius Bishop, written in response to George Floyd’s death and also in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The song was nominated for best original composition in the 2022 Worldwide Women’s Film Festival “Justice For All” category. 

Deckin' Out the Tree (Single)

The holiday season of 2021 brought the WildeP’lay release “Deckin’ Out the Tree,” a sentimental song about gathering around the tree with your favorite people. It is featured on Christmas Songs Radio all year long!


Touch (Double Release)

"Touch" celebrates the kind of love between two people that is strong and everlasting... feeling this connection with just a touch. The double release features a vocal and also a saxophone instrumental. 

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